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"cocktails, and beautiful flowers"

 What is Signora  Loves

Signora Loves is a Valentines creative collaboration by Oliveto and Madam Lampini designed to celebrate, showcase and share a few of life's more memorable romantic moments. Brought to you as a Mini-Collection of digitally remastered of The Rolling Stones. Madam Lampini and Oliveto have teamed up to bring you this moment of colour and inspiration.

Why do this? Well why not. With a challenging few years behind all of us, we can all benefit from a colourful and entertaining interruption to our daily rituals.

We hope you enjoy yourself.


 Bianca Jagger     12th may 1971 


 Valentines Gifts 

To celebrate Signora Loves and Valentines Day 2022, Madam Lampini and Oliveto have teamed up to bring you "Io penso solo a te" (I only think of you). This gorgeous Valentines selection is guaranteed to embolden and bring to life your special valentines day. Together we have created a bouquet and cocktail for this special occasion. Scroll down to buy.


Valentines Competition - enter for  your chance to win a rare copy of  The Rolling Stones Flowers Vinyl LP 

 The questions: 

Answer correctly to enter the draw to win a rare copy of The Rolling Stones  - Flowers LP on Vinyl and the equally rare Italian pressing of the Beatles + Rolling Stones - Sensation LP on Vinyl.


Thank you and good luck, winners will be announced at 7pm on Valentines Day.

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